Episode 3 ‘Brunch’ (Neil goes to London part 2)

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Black Pig landlord Fergal and his son-in-law Donald have a showdown regarding the way forward for the music venue and come up with a food-based solution.  Meanwhile, Neil continues with his meetings in London and then reports back to The Sickness at their band rehearsal.

Cast in order of appearance:

Donald Sandy Sanderson – Music Promoter Black Pig

Joyce – Landlady Black Pig

Fergal – Landlord Black Pig

Neil Sparks – Dad manager of The Sickness

Mel – Pony Records receptionist

Zebedee – Pony Records intern

Oliver Bottomly – Divorce / Entertainments Lawyer

Dorian Sparks – Singer The Sickness

Simon Marx -Keyboardist The Sickness

Julie ‘Barb’ Wire – Bass player – The Sickness



Recorded at Snorkel Studios by Nainesh Shah. 

Animation by Matt Law.

Written and performed by Andy Macleod. 

A Warm Worm | Radio Fandango Production 2018


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Click here to download Episode 1 ‘Munch’ script PDF