Andy Macleod

Episode 4 ‘Radio Savage’

Neil has an exciting breakthrough with the band, but also has to manage a tricky situation regarding Dorian’s hopes and fears for the future.  Meanwhile, Joyce tells her husband Fergal he has to choose between her or the carpet during a row over the pub refurbishment. 

Episode 2 ‘Breakfast’ (Neil goes to London part 1)

Neil gets the train to London to have a Munch and some Brunch and then maybe a spot of Lunch with various Music Industry Movers and Shakers, but possibly bites off more than he can chew. Meanwhile, Joyce tries to calm Fergal down after a band express their feelings about the landlord with a spray can.

Episode 1 ‘Munch’

Dad manager Neil is unable to contain his excitement as he is invited to not one, but two breakfast meetings in London to discuss his son Dorian’s band.  Meanwhile, Black Pig landlord Fergal, tells his music promoter son in law Donald, to stop booking ‘terrible bands’ with ‘stupid names’ that ‘bring no one’ otherwise, he …

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Series trailer

Golden Ears is a comedy-drama set in the grassroots of the UK music industry.  The narrative follows the ups & downs of dad-manager Neil Sparks, a 49 year old travel agent who decides to manage his unemployable son Dorian’s band. It also features a toilet-venue & a dog called Memphis. There is the odd song and some …

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