Show Notes – Episode 1 ‘Munch’


Dad manager Neil is unable to contain his excitement as he is invited to not one, but two breakfast meetings in London to discuss his son Dorian’s band.  Meanwhile, Black Pig landlord Fergal, tells his music promoter son in law Donald, to stop booking ‘terrible bands’ with ‘stupid names’ that ‘bring no one’ otherwise, he will face the old ‘heave ho’.  

Cast in order of appearance:

Neil Sparks – Dad manager of The Sickness

Police officer Macleod

Gary Gold – Live Agent @ Fingers In Pies

Memphis the Dog

Dorian Sparks – Singer The Sickness

Donald Sandy Sanderson – Music Promoter Black Pig

Joyce – Landlady Black Pig

Fergal – Landlord Black Pig

Oliver Bottomly – Divorce / EntertainmentsLawyer

Debs Gold – Owner Manic Monday PR

Zac Mcintyre – Head of A&R Pony Records

Teddy – Regular at Black Pig

Sally Sparks – Deceased wife of Neil.



Recorded at Snorkel Studios by Nainesh Shah. 

Animation by Matt Law.

Written and performed by Andy Macleod. 

A Warm Worm | Radio Fandango Production 2018