Ep 2 Show Notes


Neil gets the train to London to have a Munch and some Brunch and then maybe a spot of Lunch with various Music Industry Movers and Shakers, but possibly bites off more than he can chew. Meanwhile, Joyce tries to calm Fergal down after a band express their feelings about the landlord with a spray can.

Cast in order of appearance:

Donald Sandy Sanderson – Music Promoter Black Pig

Neil Sparks – Dad manager of The Sickness

Fergal – Landlord Black Pig

Joyce – Landlady Black Pig

Dorian Sparks – Singer The Sickness

Oliver Bottomly – Divorce / Entertainments Lawyer

Gary Gold – Live Agent @ Fingers In Pies

Maria  – Waitress at Brunos

Memphis the Dog

Kate Bush

Sally Sparks – Deceased wife of Neil



Recorded at Snorkel Studios by Nainesh Shah. 

Animation by Matt Law.

Written and performed by Andy Macleod. 

A Warm Worm | Radio Fandango Production 2018